CD Cover Jabber

Review by P. Freako

36-second excerpt from "Follow Your Voice" (281 Kb .au file)

Vancouver's Jabber has put out a decent rock album. What sets this recording apart from the generic rock album is that the tunes offer offbeat vocal phrasings and time changes to match. So how is it a rock album? The songs carry a definite structure, with the instrumentation and production designed to build tension that is released within the chorus of the songs.

Eileen Ryan's voice makes me think she could have been the third Wilson sister in Heart. That's good. She has a good rock voice and carries a strength in her voice which, though she forces it at times on the album, adds a sincere emotion to the personal nature of their songs.

"Follow Your Voice" is a standout song, and if you like Heart then you'll like "All Figured Out" for its powerful chorus and methodical rock guitar. "Nothing is Familiar," about the sensationalist dark side of pain, sums up the seriousness and personal nature of Jabber's material, and, as I leave this disc, I can only hope that they don't get trapped musically by this pain.

Artist Contact Info: 2024 Grant St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5L 2Z3

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 17, 1996

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