Tales of Ordinary Madness

CD Cover Bates Motel

Review by Darren Kerr

41-second excerpt from "Killing Me" (319 Kb .au file)

One thing that I respect Bates Motel for is that they haven't adopted that funky aggro sound that so many Lunatic Fringe bands have slipped on.

Their sound is of the guitar-oriented kind with loud, tight rhythm, but the gothic tinge to Mr. Bates' voice makes them sound somewhat unique, even though they're not as scary as they think they are. Bates Motel are at their best when they slow things down and fill them out. A few songs are too full of pedestrian rock stylings and forced anthem to be called anything but ordinary. However, "1000 Wasps" and "Cemeteries" float with a gentle ominousness created by rich guitar textures.

Jeff Waters of (gasp) Annihilator fame helps elevate Bates Motel above the usual hard rock ilk with his production, which chimes and distorts in all the right places. Add to this a faithful version of Rocky Horror's "Sweet Transvestite" and you have a first release that is solid but not overly astounding.

Artist Contact Info: 8625 Osler, Box 101, Vancouver, B.C., V6P 4E6

First published in Drop-D Magazine on September 27, 1996

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