Greatest Hits

CD Cover N.W.A
Priority Records / Virgin

Review by Darren Kerr

40-second excerpt from "Gangsta Gangsta" (313 Kb .au file)

To use the word "great" to describe any of these volatile tracks is to proclaim to the world two things: one, that you have absolutely no musical taste whatsoever, and two, that you have very little respect for humanity, black or white, and especially not female.

Very little in the gangsta rap genre is of any merit, and this is utter garbage. I know this is born of the poverty of the "hood," and of the oppression that a young black man from urban American justifiably feels, but these messages don't enrich anyone and certainly don't shed any light or insight on poverty or race issues.

Thank God there have been and are voices of intelligence and eloquence like KRS-One, Ice-T (well, sort of), Chuck D, and Michael Franti (of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and, now, Spearhead) to offset and cancel out the Eazy-E's and Bushwick Bills. This CD provides nothing but a soundtrack for impressionable hoodlums who entertain delusions of superfly grandeur and immature punks who want to be the Mack. At least in the 70's the theme song was provided by Curtis Mayfield.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on October 20, 1996

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