CD Cover Jelous
Holy Cow Records

Review by Darren Kerr

43-second excerpt from "Come Alive" (336 Kb .au file)

Vancouver's Jelous aren't incredibly original, but they're not overly contrived, either. They are definitely influenced by Alice in Chains and the like, but fortunately they don't fall into the total clone category like some other bands. Their sound is layered, just straddling that line dividing typical grunge and just plain ol' emotional rock and roll.

Tony Brinks has a natural and smooth voice that powers good solid songs like "Mother of Time" and "Lullaby." All of the songs, except the miscue "Booneville," are anthemic, building in intensity 'til the money choruses kick in with AiC-ish harmonies. Elsewhere, Brinks' guitar tone gives "Come Alive" a 90's Meat Puppets feel, while "Again" has a country rock sound. Noteworthy is Tim Smyth's pumping and thumping bass work, which gives much of Fixation its bounce. The band also has a good grasp of dynamics, and there is some nice melodic guitar on the album, especially in "Happy Hour."

This album should be listened to by more people than just Jelous' friends.

Artist Contact Info: c/o Reely Unique Studios, 1250 W. 6th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V6H 1A3, Canada, (604) 732-0039

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 7, 1996

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