CD Cover Dust Radio

Review by Paul Watkin

45-second excerpt from "Now is Not the Time" (350 Kb .au file)

This self-titled release is a rootsy, mellow folk rock album that sets one adrift in a '59 Valiant down a dirt road out in the country. As I listened to the personal nature of the songs and to the stories and emotions they related, I noticed the people in this rural land. I saw them standing by the road, in their fields and their gardens, but I wasn't interested enough to wonder about their lives.

Like the road that lay ahead, this album seemed flat, with the guitars and vocals never really breaking out of their monotonous patterns. Near the end of the album, a line from "#8" caught my attention: "waiting for that spark" were the words that summed up this record for me. That spark never came... and my eyes never left the road.

Artist Contact Info: #12, 1571 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6J 2B5, (604) 737-1166

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 20, 1996

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