Makin' Hay

CD Cover Farmer's Daughter

Review by Gary 'pigboy' Swartz

44-second excerpt from "Cornfields or Cadillacs" (344 Kb .au file)

This album -- the major-label debut for this Surrey vocal trio -- should be titled Cash Cow. It has 'we-want-a-megaton-of-airplay' written all over it and will probably get it. At least on this side of the border. It's safe, sanitized and saccharine sweet, with nary a tune destined for a roadhouse jukebox. The closest it comes to the dark, scandalous lifestyle that used to drive country music is the less-than-breakthrough cover of the classic "Ode to Billy Joe."

It's hard to believe that that kind of sticking power will be earned by any of the other material on this disc -- as covers or as much-requested golden oldies. To whit the current single, "Cornfields or Cadillacs." In fact, none of the songs seem to have drawn on any dramatic life experience for inspiration. As a result, what emotion there is comes off as plastic -- which may simply be a weakness inherent in trios. Or maybe just this trio.

The singing, like the arrangements and picking, is certainly more than competent -- but oh-so-tediously cautious. Been there. Heard that. But hey, like Volvos and minivans, there's a big market for Country Music with front, passenger and side door airbags.

Still, it sure as hell is fun, on both sides of the microphone, to climb up on a Harley once in a while.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 26, 1996

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