CD Cover Odds

Review by Paul Watkin

44-second excerpt from "Someone Who's Cool" (various formats)

"I'm a low-level rebel... " You could say that about Odds, Vancouver's own quirky pop heroes, but upon the first couple of listens to their latest creation, Nest, I began to have doubts. The CD just seemed to be a slick representation of Beatles-like influences. But I tend to be edgy about that, with all the other recent bands I've heard that are oh-so-similar to the Liverpool lads.

After the nest (Freudian slip!) next gaggle of listens, I realized the error of my ways and, as the CD grew on me like fungus on the north side of a tree, I began to appreciate the subtle diversity of the songs. Whether it be the poppy riffs from "Hurt Me" or the melodic acoustic guitar on "Heard You Wrong," as with their previous albums, the Odds offer a collection of damn good songs. The trademarks are present throughout Nest, with the constant vocal harmonies, the fantastic guitar work of Craig Northey and Steven Drake and the witty, playful lyrics which so often delve into the writers' inner selves.

It is this delving that elevates Odds as a band, allowing the unleashing of stellar lyrical work and musical expression which doesn't wait for the chorus to hook you in, but rather uses the whole song. This trait is solidified under the slick producing hand of Nigel the Cat, giving Nest a sense of completeness.

"Someone Who's Cool," "Make You Mad" and "Nothing Beautiful" are a trio of standout songs for me. I asked someone what they thought of the CD, and they said that it was catchy, it works for them. I'd agree -- and, if I say I like it, it's because I can.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on January 28, 1997

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