Life in Purgatory

CD Cover Virgin Whores

Review by Kevin Templeton

41-second excerpt from "King Beats Queen" (various formats)

Virgin Whores. That's right, Virgin Whores. (Am I missing something?) In the mood for some good-time, Saturday night punk rock karaoke? Well, Life in Purgatory has arrived, just when you though the whole punk wannabe phase had worn out its welcome. Actually, the Whores sound like an average bar rock band (think Electric-era Cult) whose fond (dis)taste for everything Sex Pistols has inspired them to cop the riffs, the songs (they even cover the Pistols' "Did You No Wrong"), and everything else from the rock 'n roll swindle days of yesteryear.

If I was drunk I'd probably dig this, as there is some charm in what these guys are doing; but I don't usually drink while I'm writing, and the band's rather misogynist lyrics aren't exactly much of a treat (the first three songs' titles are "King Beats Queen," "Who You Fuckin' Now" and "Shag"). Graciously dedicated to the band's fans, this album unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired, unless you're right into basic, repetitive, punk-inspired rock -- or unless, of course, you are one of their "fans." Bollocks, really.

Artist Contact Info: #608, 4160 Albert St., Burnaby, B.C., V5C 6K2, (604) 294-3065

First published in Drop-D Magazine on February 1, 1997

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