Under These Rocks and Stones

CD Cover Chantal Kreviazuk

Review by Darren Kerr

ss 45-second excerpt from "God Made Me" (various formats)

Alanis, what have you wrought? Almost every female singer/songwriter emerging today sounds like the ironic Canadian wunderkind. This raises a question that with every new sound-alike becomes more of a dilemma: did they all sound like that already, in the years B.A. (Before Alanis)? It's a tough call, especially when you compare the first single "God Made Me" to Morrissette's "All I Really Want."

Much of this album is bare, emotional introspection where Kreviazuk's piano is the focal point. I could give you examples of her lyrics and single out certain songs, trying to wring out deep insights and humourous asides, but that would mean I have to concentrate and delve deep to find the treasures buried within her music. And you know what? There's just too much relevant, challenging music out there for me to spend one more iota of time giving this CD a fourth or fifth listen. It's all well-recorded, well-played, well-meant -- and I could care less. The whole album went right past me with the velocity of a cybervoice chatline commercial. One piece of advice for those singers looking to emulate Alanis/Sinead/Kate: might I suggest Nina Hagen or even Wendy O. Williams instead?

First published in Drop-D Magazine on February 7, 1997

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