Jesus Freak

CD Cover DC Talk

Review by Greg Gitzel

45-second excerpt from "So Help Me God" (various formats)

From the title it's quite evident what these guys are about: they're a Christian rock band and they don't hide their faith. DC Talk have been around for a few years, gradually making their way to the top in Christian music and now to a secular major record label. If you're not familiar with Christian rock, you may be surprised by this disc. It has all the right punches, top-notch recording quality, excellent musicianship and strong vocals.

The best song on this CD is "Jesus Freak," with lots of energy and a very catchy chorus. "Between You and Me" is a cool song, too, showing signs of Seal in place of the more Nirvana-ish sound of "Jesus Freak." Combine the two together and, musically, that's the rest of the album. Lyrically, DC Talk sing about their struggles standing bold for what they believe.

This is a very good CD. Don't be afraid of the boldness of these guys -- give it a worthy listen.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on February 7, 1997

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