Take Out

CD Cover Knock~Down~Ginger
Zulu Records

Review by Rodney Gitzel

45-second excerpt from "Secret Plans" (352 Kb .au file)

This one's been languishing on the review pile for awhile, now (don't forget to send two copies, people!), but that's just as well.

At first I thought this CD was horrible. Sorry, but I quite liked the chunk-chunk-chunk-chunk-guitar girl-harmony pop of their previous release, Snowman's Land. Yet the band never worked for me live for the same reason the new release grated me: the band's three female vocalists have slightly off intonation -- they can't quite sing in tune, especially together! Snowman's Land was either a fluke or a lot of extra work in the studio.

Still, something's kept me listening to Take Out over the past few months. 'Something'? Well, get past the intonation problems, chalk them up as part of the band's 'charm,' and you're left with a bundle of delicious pop songs. "Secret Plans" is insidiously catchy (and has a cool video), while "Sarcastic," "Reader 9" and "Temper Tantrum" also stand out; then again, only one of the songs ("Afterburn") really stands down.

Take Out is at times feisty, playful, disparaging, sexy -- and always honest and unassuming. Definitely a keeper.

Artist Contact Info: 1869 West Fourth Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6J 1M4

First published in Drop-D Magazine on March 10, 1997

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