Yes I Don't

CD Cover Treecrusher
Gorge Records

Review by Paul Watkin

45-second excerpt from "Choke You" (352 Kb .au file)

Yes I Don't is the debut album from guitar-based alternapop lads Treecrusher. The juxtaposition of the positive and negative in the album title reflects the tone of the CD: to create their sound Treecrusher have meshed rough-edged pop guitars and vocals with an overall upbeat pop tone. I couldn't help but think to myself that I've heard this before and, upon perusing the liner notes, I noticed that the band thanked the Lemonheads and the Doughboys for not suing them. Hmmm.

So there it is, they've conjured up a blend of those two bands, even to the point of covering the Lemonheads' "2 Weeks in Another Town" and the Doughboys' "Stranger from Within." Now, don't get me wrong, this is a pretty good CD and you should hear it for yourself, but for me it lacks an overall edge. Where one could say that the Doughboys and the Lemonheads have definite songwriting prowess and a vocal strength (more so the Doughboys), Yes I Don't falls short in these areas, leaving me to think that Treecrusher did not take the path less traveled -- and that has made all the difference.

Artist Contact Info: 3026 Donald Street, Victoria, B.C., V9A 1Y2,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on March 10, 1997

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