Innu Town

CD Cover McKenzie

Review by Alphonse Leong

This solo effort by Kashtin's Claude McKenzie reminds me a lot of...well, Kashtin. The Buddhist chant-like vocals are there, and so are the understated rhythms and fluid Innu phrasing. Not speaking the language, I don't have a complete response to the songs, but the melodies are pleasant enough and the production by Guy Trepanier is tight, while still allowing an earthy quality to emerge. Down to earth and pleasant are the key ideas here (in the liner notes, McKenzie even politely encourages us to "just press FF" if you don't like a song!). Tunes range from moody mythology ("Ueshkett") to open desire ("Shash").

If you're into Kashtin, chances are you'll like this stuff, too. For me, this disc is like Italian opera; I appreciate the genuine musicality and the beauty of the language, but I'm just not totally swept away.

Artist Contact Info: Musicor, 1400 Pomba, Ville St-Laurent, PQ, Canada, H4R 2A1

First published in Drop-D Magazine on March 15, 1997

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