CD Cover Global Hi-Fi

Review by Andrew Parker

44-second excerpt from "Chocolate" (various formats)

This five-song CD is a whimsical piece of funky fun from start to finish. Perspective manages all at once to be a cutting deconstruction of global capitalism, a hot west coast acid jazz effort and a side-splitting collection of rhymes.

"You, Me and Noam Chomsky" roasts the ubiquitous pundit, who is found sitting around watching the tube with the band and our very own David Suzuki. The three of them hold a bashing session that leaves everybody liable, especially ICBC and B.C. Hydro. The song and the scenario are both delightfully foolish, yet Global Hi-Fi pull off this marriage of political satire with music.

Perhaps the only beef I have with this disc is that it just isn't long enough. I wanted more, more of the infectious guitar on "Escape," more of the sticky puns on "Chocolate" ("try a funky moca, with a dash of soca") and just plain more Global Hi-Fi.


Artist Contact Info: 1808 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6J 1M3,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on April 25, 1997

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