...Sighs is Everything

CD Cover Illusion of Depth

Review by Darren Kerr

42-second excerpt from "More or Less" (various formats)

We can all rejoice in the fact that new-agers are getting laid, too. They're in love and they feel all hot and gushy, haunted by the passion that is causing them to ooze pheromones all over their Pathfinders and puka shells.

Barbara and Bruce Gilchrist make up Illusion of Depth. Barbara's voice is in the realm of breathy chanteuses Lisa Germano and Julee Cruise, and when she sings the line, "I spread my thoughts like I spread my legs/Waiting for an answer/Wanting to be filled," it sounds like she's in a tantric position. The music is processed orchestra in a box, created by the two of them.

Well-produced and dreamy, ...Sighs is Everything has the power to make you feel sensuous or nauseous, depending on what floats yer boat. Coming soon to a Camille Paglia movie near you.

Artist Contact Info: 7140 Gilbert Road, Richmond, B.C., Canada, V7C 3W2

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 1, 1997

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