Soul Intention

CD Cover Larry Volen

Review by Andrew Parker

44-second excerpt from "Soul Intention" (various formats)

This guy is sure-fire money, especially if he starts scoring for TV or movies. Listening to Soul Intention felt like an extended episode of slick downtown crime-fighting. My mind ran wild, busting organized crime rings from Gastown warehouses to False Creek condos... Yaletown Vice!

Dark and cynical? You won't find it on this record. Angst and late-century malaise? Left at the curb. Volen's sound is constantly upbeat, and optimistic lyrics and sunset-inspired sax are the norm. Sampled in small doses, I found the songs pretty, relaxing and mildly enjoyable in the way they floated around my apartment. Still, before I lead a stampede to the nearest record peddler, I should mention that the disc does have a fair share of middle of the road, indigestible pap. Somewhat redeeming is the guitar playing of Olaf De Shield, whose rumba-tinged sound is luxurious.

Soul Intention is best enjoyed with disc skip button handy, especially for squishy tunes like "Naramata Moonlight," which need to be dusted off by other CDs in the tray... can you say 'Hanson Brothers'?

Artist Contact Info: #2 - 47 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5Y 1T4, (604) 874-2696

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 1, 1997

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