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CD Cover Sneaker Pimps

Review by Daniel Ewacha

43-second excerpt from "Tesko Suicide" (various formats)

I originally thought the Sneaker Pimps were a band from the States. Why? Well, because of the name. "Sneaker," of course, is what the Yanks call their running shoes. We Canadians refer to them as "runners," while the British, who evidently the Sneaker Pimps are, call their running shoes "trainers." What has this got to do with anything you ask? Well, nothing I suppose.

Anyhoo, the Sneaker Pimps are yet another promising British band -- or so we are told by N.M.E. and Melody Maker. It's hard to really describe the Pimps' music. I guess 'techno folk' would be one way. They've got an interesting blend of samples and bleeps and blips combined with the jangle of acoustic guitars.

I can see and hear what the Sneaker Pimps are trying to create, and it's a good idea -- only it's not well executed. There are a few good tracks like "Low Place like Home" and "Tesko Suicide," the first two songs on the disc, but I noticed that the album became more mundane as it wore on. It's a risk for your average top-40 music buyer to purchase, but if you're into discovering new ground-breaking bands, pick it up and give it a go.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 12, 1997

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