Violent Demise: The Last Days

CD Cover Body Count

Review by Daniel Ewacha

45-second excerpt from "My Way" (various formats)

Body Count's long-awaited second album varies in attitude: at times it can be depressing, funny or pathetically childish and immature. It's Body Count at their best, complete with the hard-hitting, thrashing, straight-forward, in your face, no bullshit attitude for which frontman Ice-T is known.

The topics Ice deals with in his lyrics are nothing new. Lots of violence and sex -- themes we've heard before and will undoubtedly hear again. The lyrics, as usual, are really just shock value tactics, while it's the music that holds this album together (it would have made a superb instrumental album). Songs such as "Root of All Evil," "Dead Man Walking," "Last Days" and the title track are by far the strongest and best jams on the disc, while a feeble attempt at a love ballad with "Bring It To Pain" and the comical yet idiotic "Strippers" are two tracks that the listener could do without.

Still, as a whole, Violent Demise: The Last Days is a good album worth checking out.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 17, 1997

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