CD Cover Raggadeath

Review by Darren Kerr

44-second excerpt from "Dance with the Devil" (various formats)

This Toronto reggae/metal hybrid outfit, which has had modest hits in the past with "One Life to Live" and "Why Ask Why," is back with more toasting and riffage. Sometimes they annoy me because it often sounds like they don't take things far enough, preferring to coast along on a breakbeat to nowhere.

Michie Mee is the main voice for me on this CD; her strong delivery and flow make me forget that she's singing the same lines over and over. Tannis Newkirk and Culture Shock members Whitey Don and Friendly Man put in fine vocal performances as well, but the music doesn't hold up, especially the one dimensional, basic power chord guitar parts. They just don't hold your interest for the whole album.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 17, 1997

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