Generation Six Pack

CD Cover Pure

Review by Darren Gawle

45-second excerpt from "Denial" (various formats)

The band you love to hate is back. Actually, I don't understand the general hostility towards Pure in this country -- they're one of the maybe five bands around that aren't a complete embarrassment to Canada. Still, I suppose that, in their contrary way, Pure enjoy pissing off the legions of I Mother Earth and Tragically Hip fans, and they stand a better chance of success stateside than people give them credit for.

Anyway, NO! Pure have not split up, and NO! they haven't changed their name to Colon (nice one, Todd...) and YES! they have a new album due out in the next couple of months on their new label, Mammoth. It is in anticipation of this, then, that Mammoth released Generation Six-Pack as a sort of "greatest hits" package which includes bits of the ExtraPurestrial EP.

So you get "What It Is," "Anna is a Speed Freak" and "Denial" alongside "Nobody Knows I'm New Wave" in a bit of new packaging, the result of which is that people who hate Pure will still hate them and people who like Pure will already have these songs.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 26, 1997

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