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Vol. 2 No. 11
Issue 60

June 20, 1997

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Throwing Out the Book on Pop Success
No, costumes and makeup are not mandatory.
Live Review: Yo La Tengo / the Softies, Starfish Room, June 5, 1997

The Binge and Purge of Lars, Inc.
Think what you will of this band -- they can still kick it out, live.
Live Review: Metallica / Corrosion of Conformity, GM Place, May 24, 1997

All Aboard the Magic Shuttle Bus
2400 words, and still only a small piece of the weekend...
Live Review: Darren Kerr's Music West Diary, May 9-10, 1997

Keeping Up with the Smithses
Gene may sound familiar, but that doesn't mean they don't put on a good show.
Live Review: Gene / Star 69, Graceland, June 1, 1997

Rock and Roll All Afternoon
295 guitarists bake their brains at an awfully long jam.
Live Review: Music West '97 Guitar Marathon, Robson Square, May 11, 1997

CD Reviews

Daft Punk

Diesel Candy
Big Sky

Meat Beat Manifesto
Original Fire

Pantomime and C'est La Vie

Thrill Squad
Here Comes Tomorrow