Sticky Flytrap

CD Cover Ten Days Late
2112 Records/Cargo

Review by Kevin Templeton

45-second excerpt from "Soap" (various formats)

This Ten Days Late record is simultaneously intriguing and boring. Like most independent releases, the best songs on Sticky Flytrap are at the beginning and end of the disc (the first three and the last two are the standouts), while the in-between tracks tend to just pointlessly speed by. Some are cool: "Helicopter Head" is about as catchy as a song can be, and the metallic "Torch Boy (Big Wave to the Kids)" seems to have some purpose behind it lyrically. But...

Having enjoyed Ten Days Late live on a couple of occasions, I expected more from Sticky Flytrap. The recording makes their punk-edged tunes sound flat and pedestrian, not at all like the band live. For a fan of the band, this is definitely worthy of a listen, but from my soapbox, I'd say a fuller, more emotional sound may be needed to heighten Ten Days Late's recorded appeal the next time out.

Artist Contact Info: Box 162, 916 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5Z 1K7

First published in Drop-D Magazine on June 26, 1997

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