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Vol. 2 No. 16
Issue 65

August 1, 1997

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Happy America Day, Eh!
Locals burn fretboards and flags for your entertainment.
Live Review: Crankshaft / Removal / Fuse, The Niagara, July 4, 1997

Living Life in a Six-Ring Circus
Just the kind of music you won't be hearing on your car radio.
Interview: Doug Andrew of Circus in Flames

Slowdive on a Slow Night
See what you're missing?
Live Review: Speedbuggy / Space Kid / the Electrosonics, The Starfish Room, July 10, 1997

Much Ado Over Nothing
Heck, Alice Cooper was scarier than these guys!
Live Review: Marilyn Manson / Powerman 5000, PNE Forum, July 23, 1997

They Came, They Ska, They Punked Out
More bands than you really wanna see in one day.
Live Review: The Vans Warped Tour '97, PNE Forum, July 9, 1997

CD Reviews

Super Natural

Bettie Serveert
Dust Bunnies

Highway Freak Ticket
Obviously Oblivious

Joe's Funeral
Motion Sickness

Various Vancouver Artists
Divine Industries Volume One

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