CD Cover Tanya Tucker

Review by Gisele Grignet

45-second excerpt from "It Hurts Like Love" (various formats)

Call me an unsympathetic bitch, but I really don't like this record. It's supposed to be some kind of ground-breaking "rip my heart open for my fans" country album, but it just sounds like a lot of done drip to me. It's crammed with sappy ballads and some of the worst god-awful lyrics I think I've ever heard. I never have liked obvious lyrics and never will. Tucker seems to think that since it's happening to her for the first time that it's a good idea for her (or her songwriters) to write it down. As for the music being "new" -- NOT! The songs only come off as self-absorbed and make you want to scream, "OK Tanya, good for you and welcome to the real world!" Some of her lyrics are so mushy, I can't help but think anyone would have been embarrassed to pen them at all. My rating of this record? YUCK!

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 9, 1997

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