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Review by Gisele Grignet

45-second excerpt from "For All That Think" (various formats)

These boys from Ontario grabbed me by the throat and didn't stop. This CD has a creepy intro and the rest really rocks hard. "For All That Think" generates a fantastic wall of sound with a very catchy riff. "Swanko" is my favourite, spelling out some serious phone sex frustration. "Meatball" sounds like a keyboard special locked in a lunch bag fighting it out with the Offspring. "Teddy Bare" gave me visions of Marilyn Manson, and "Headbutt" is very dreamy, very cool. This band clearly has a variety of influences, which gives them a lot of diversity and originality. Yay! It's always nice to hear a band that isn't just a cover version of their favourites.

I'd recommend this record for sure. Now let's hope they tour.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 9, 1997

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