I Believe

CD Cover Kathryn Wahamaa
Inspirit Productions

Review by Alphonse Leong

44-second excerpt from "Blood on the Snow" (various formats)

CD's must be getting cheaper and cheaper to make, as this is essentially a demo tape -- there are only three songs! The first two tracks are country-ish and pedestrian (with slow pedal steel guitar and a dragging beat) and the last song is an attempt at menacing R&B.

That last one, called "Blood on the Snow" begins "I dreamed we were two polar bears/Making love in the white, white snow," but then drifts into some really uncomfortable stuff about abuse and anguish. In fact, while listening to the entire disc, I felt like I was intruding at a women's support group meeting. Although there are some positive lines about "starting over" after pain and such, there's an "I've got something important to say and you just listen" attitude that gets in the way.

If I were an A&R guy and got this CD in the mail, I would probably respond, "Uh, send us some more in a year or so, and maybe we'll get back to you."

Artist Contact Info: Box 195, Lake Errock, B.C., Canada, V0M 1N0

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 22, 1997

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