Valley of Struggle

CD Cover Feedbag

Review by Kevin Templeton

43-second excerpt from "God Told Me to Do It" (various formats)

Having seen and enjoyed Feedbag this past summer at a bad metal gig in New West, I expected somewhat decent music/tuneage from this 7-song EP upon its arrival in my inquiring hands. Recorded during the summer of '96, Valley of Struggle sees Feedbag stopping just short of an aggro-metal marathon, opting instead to jog down a finesse-filled path of tricky bass lines and quirky vocal/song patterns. The production on this disc seems a little on the tame side, with the overall sound and feel to things reminding me of Jar minus the backbone and with different (more musical?) priorities.

What degree of success Feedbag achieve on this CD is a little unclear. My initial instincts render an apathetic reaction, while songs like "Onward" and "God Told Me to Do It" remind me of how smokin' the band can be live. Let's hope Feedbag return to the studio soon to capture a more live-sounding (and recent) recording.

Artist Contact Info: 8460 Rosebank Cr., Richmond, B.C., Canada, V7A 2K6

First published in Drop-D Magazine on October 3, 1997

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