Country Christian Rap

CD Cover The Fool's Court

Review by Darren Kerr

44-second excerpt from "Dumb Luck" (various formats)

The Foolís Court may come from Armstrong, known as B.C.ís cheddar capital, but they sure as hell ainít cheesy. I was expecting by-the-book funny punk, or maybe some bad posturing metal, but what I got was a pleasant surprise: the Foolís Court are like an amalgamation of Royal Trux damage and the angular math rock of something like Polvo. There are bass chords at every turn, powering the lurching mass, while the guitars and drums come and go at will, probably at the beck and call of the singer, who is just as much David Yow as he is demented Mick Jagger. The band as a whole sound very drugged-out Australian -- which is a compliment, if you didnít know.

I really respect this CD, but this kind of music just doesnít turn me on like it used to. I canít listen to Country Christian Rap for more than four songs at once, though I know that a lot of you could.

Artist Contact Info: R.R. #1, C9, Jackson Ave., Armstrong, B.C., Canada,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on October 3, 1997

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