Homeless in B.C.

CD Cover Four Fraser Valley Punk Bands

Review by Darren Kerr

Something is happening on the other side of the Patullo Bridge. Punk rock bands are working hard, banding together, networking -- they are trying to create a scene. You know, like in the old days when people were unified through music and camaraderie, as opposed to the badge-wearing and "I'm more punk than you" posturing of the last too many years.

With Homeless in B.C., the first sampler from Wisecrack member Kyle Richardson's newborn label, Spawner, DIY has never been so well produced. The sound of these 24 recordings easily belie the fact they were recorded in Richardson's basement.

The four bands represented here are all from Langley or Surrey, and are, for the most part, pretty trad, Dad. Wisecrack are driving melodic hardcore that certainly wouldn't seem out of place on the Epitaph label. Strong vocals, beefy guitar (sometimes taking riffage cues from 80's Bay Area metal) and catchy changes are what this band is about. The Retreads are more of the same, but with a layer of grit and a more sing-a-long quality. Storebought take this a step further, and are a bit reckless, with English '77 type vocalisms thrown in for good measure. The Cretins, finally, are more, dare I say... gothic? They start with the same base as the other three bands, and then add Misfits-like "whoa-oh-whoa" harmonies to their aggressive power chords.

This CD is a good example of Fraser Valley hardcore, with lots of heart, quality and a great work ethic. If you are into punk rock, buy it. If you think you are punk rock, and you're supporting big name acts while ignoring your own backyard, go buy a clue.

Artist Contact Info: 19705 Fraser Highway, Langley, B.C., Canada, V3A 8H2

First published in Drop-D Magazine on December 22, 1997

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