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December 22, 1997 ~ Vol. 2 No. 33 ~ Issue 82


This is the Real Thing!
Believe it or don't, reviewers do sometimes change their minds.
Live Review: U2 / Smash Mouth, B.C. Place Stadium, December 9, 1997

X Chromosomes Rock the House
All's well that ends well?
Live Review: Girl Feast '97 - Night Three, the Brickyard, November 29, 1997

A Walk with the Spaceman
Britain's aural astronaut splashes down in Vancouver.
Interview: Jason Pierce of Spiritualized, November 1997

Lounge Ahoy!
Two veteran Vancouver 'lounge' acts, plus one veteran 'metal-cum-lounge' act.
Live Review: Lee Aaron / the Colorifics / the Molestics, the Vogue Theatre, December 5, 1997

Not That Easy to Understand
Iceland's latest music export smokes out the Palladium.
Live Review: gusgus, the Palladium, November 25, 1997

Bring on the Vodka and the Yak Fur!
Some nights are more of a surprise than others...
Live Review: Uz Jsme Doma / the High Llamas, the Starfish Room, November 21, 1997

CD Reviews

Long John Baldry - Right to Sing the Blues

Black Lab - Your Body Above Me

Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind

Four Fraser Valley Punk Bands - Homeless in B.C.

Green Romance Orchestra - Play Parts I and V

Mr. T Experience - Revenge is Sweet, and So are You

Ozzy Osbourne - The Ozzman Cometh

Peach Union / Aqua - Audiopeach / Aquarium

Various Artists - We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute

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