Moon Safari

CD Cover Air
Source / Virgin

Review by Darren Kerr

45-second excerpt from "Sexy Boy" (various formats)

This is the definitive soundtrack to a porno movie with a cast of stuffed animals -- Carebears, perhaps. I know, I know, I'm being cheeky, but Moon Safari is fuzzy and sexy, wanting to be held. Air -- aka Nicholas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel -- have created a world of pop space where effervescent electric piano and bubbling bass share martinis with a host of synths and a vocoder.

Call it 'Barbarella psychedella.' If Bridget Fonda ever decides to follow in Jane's silver-booted footsteps, then "Sexy Boy" would be the song to symbolize her reunion with Fygar (played by Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe?). "La Femme D'Argent" and "Talisman" would provide the accompaniment for those long interstellar journeys -- as well as for your own trips down the Autobahn or the Trans-Canada. "Ce Matin La" sounds like something from the Midnight Cowboy score, while "All I Need" and "You Make It Easy" showcase the singing of the very French-sounding American, Beth Hirsch.

Cinematic to the nth degree. Write your own screenplay to it.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on February 28, 1998

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