Three Seeds

CD Cover The New Meanies

Review by Gary 'pigboy' Swartz

45-second excerpt from "Meatrack" (various formats)

These four guys from Winnipeg (formerly known as the Blue Meanies) probably won't win any awards for most brilliant lyrics. Or for inventing the most original new rock and roll riffs. Or for breaking ground in a new rock genre. At least not this time around.

But it matters not at all. They've worked their way through the indie ranks to garner themselves major label support and production in L.A. And what they do deserve an award for is for bringing that energy and that sound, so appreciated by those of us who like to frequent bars, to the studio and for getting it down on plastic.

This is music meant to be played loud. To get you to your feet and keep you there, except for the odd trip to the fridge for another cold one. At times you wish they might have done a better job of hiding their influences, but they did induce this ancient reviewer to go searching for an old James Gang album. And they have done a nice job of not drifting into a rut, attributable no doubt to their years as a bar band.

Those with an ear for the radio-friendly will probably get off on tunes "Letting Time Pass" and "Scenic Anomaly." I, for one, was glad to get a taste of harpin' from front man Damon Mitchell on "Meatrack" and a serving of horn stabs on "Communication." Oh, and the band's guitar work ain't too shabby either.

These guys have paid their dues and it shows. Can't wait to try out Three Seeds on a hot summer day with the top down.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on March 14, 1998

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