CD Cover Joe Brooks

Review by Michael O'Donahue

"Open up your mind / Find a little peace / And we can come together / Love is all you really need." Here's the next big hit out of Vancouver, according to his press release. Vaguely Northern Exposure-ish intro, generic, bland, trite... uh, lost my train of thought.

Where was I? Joe Brooks is the latest discovery by former golden boy hit machine John Dexter -- the evil genius behind the West End Girls -- which may give you an idea as to where this Brooks cat is coming from. On this four-song EP, some guy programs some backing tracks on a computer, and then in comes Joe to tell us all about the glories of love. "Peace" is the single, trying very hard to remind us of George Michael, which it does, and shame on them for it.

Formulaic dance pop for the masses. Take us "to the promised land," Joe Brooks, boy wonder.

Artist Contact Info: c/o Dexter Entertainment Group, 1423 Howe St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6Z 1R9

First published in Drop-D Magazine on March 21, 1998

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