A Mystical Experience

CD Cover Aionios

Review by Michael O'Donahue

Aionios are the duo of George and Leonisa Marinakis, a singing wife and multi-instrumental husband. I'm guessing by the title that this is supposed to be some kind of mystical experience, with long songs about prophecies ("Prophecy"), God ("Lord of Heaven and Earth"), healing ("Lilies of the Field"), and tributes to Javanese gamelan music. But what it sounds like is Amateur Hour at the New Age Cafe. George may be a multi-instrumentalist and whiz with the software, but he's no genius when it comes to interesting melodies and structures.

He is, however, top notch when it comes to endless meanderings on vibraphone and church organ. A Mystical Experience goes on and on and on and on, without actually going anywhere or doing anything. Quite a feat.

Artist Contact Info: P.O. Box 5233, Victoria, B.C., Canada, V8R 6N4, YA965@freenet.victoria.bc.ca

First published in Drop-D Magazine on April 3, 1998

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