Swiss Army Friend

CD Cover Denny's New Radio

Review by Dorothy Parvaz

Checkin' out Swiss Army Friend
O'er and over, start to end
It's by Denny's New Radio
Their one and only, Dadeo.

This recording is damn noisy
(Too poor for studio space?)
Their playin's mega-sloppy
Damn drums all o'er the place.

From "Wedding Song"'s sap-fest
To "Hurt You"'s twisted vibe
DNR cling in febrile zest
To the indie ethic they ascribe.

Their lyrics are dark 'n' funny
Their sound is sort of neat
Their MO is stark 'n' quirky
Though a far cry from unique.

That guitar's pretty grungy
Nick sings like the unwashed
Can't help it if I like them
They make me feel gin-sloshed.

But this whole thing is fucked up
It should all be in past tense
Them boys done went and broke up
Guess you could see the sense.

Chev and Nick now Kill Me Sarah
And Colin's hangin’ with Hoffa?
But heck there’s other local bands
To stoke the coals and fire the brands.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 18, 1998

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