CD Cover Vibrolux

Review by Darren Kerr

I was actually pretty indifferent about this disc from Toronto's Vibrolux until the vocalist came in and fucked it all up. He has a singing style that sounds as if he will detonate if his voice reaches above a Britpop whisper. In fact, the overall sound of Vibrolux is Stone Roses Lite, or the Jesus and Mary Chain with the bile removed. The trippy wah-wah guitars, groovy drums, and contrived sampled beats are from Psych Fuzz Mold B. This did nothing for me, but if you are someone who thought that Second Coming was the best Stone Roses album, then this is tailormade for your delicate if not questionable tastes.

Artist Contact Info: c/o Bat Cave Productions, 67 Mowat Ave, Suite 341, Toronto, ON, Canada, V6K 3E3,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on May 18, 1998

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