More of Our Stupid Noise '98

CD Cover Various Indie Artists

Review by Dorothy Parvaz

Boy, 25 tracks by 25 of today's hottest sort-of-indie Canadian artists! This is a bear of a disc to review -- way lotsa material -- so let's just get to it.

(Note that this review only applies to the tracks on this disc. For example, the Ids' album might rock, but the track on this compilation doesn't. Clear?)

Reasons to buy this disc: Bionic (nice drums), Scratching Post (sugary girrrly pop), Lou Barlow, Lou Barlow (dat's right, two times, coz he counts more), Mystery Machine (sweet, fuzzy vocals), Versus, Hayden, and the Bonaduces.

Reasons not to: Radioblaster, the Ids (Holy "Jane Says" rip-off Batman! Wonder if Perry Farrell's lawyers have called yet...), Elevator to Hell, By Divine Right (with a song too generic for this compilation), Hip Groove Club (any suburban teen rapping along to Tribe Called Quest CDs in his/her bedroom can outdo these guys at this kind of beat-box shit) and the Suddens.

Take it or leave it tracks: Moon Socket (retro without a hint of irony... tsk, tsk), (ho-hum) hHead, Speedbuggy (they're better than this track), Shortfall, Poledo (nice Sonic Youth-y guitars, but that's about it), Eric's Trip, Orange Glass, Len, the New Grand (quite peppy, actually) and Noah's Arkweld (just because they sound like they're holding back).

Overall: Surprisingly good, as label compilations go; the good tracks are damn good and the bad ones ain't as stinky as most.

Artist Contact Info: 1650 W. 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6J 4R3,

First published in Drop-D Magazine on June 16, 1998

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