Essential Mental Nutrients

CD Cover Social Deviantz

Review by Cereita Goulbourne

33-second excerpt from "Sol's Favrit Beat" (various formats)

Come and take a journey with Vancouver's Social Deviantz, a journey of tantalizing beats, tight rhymes and lots of style. A-Train, Fatbone and Junya have created an album that is sure to please hip hop lovers worldwide.

A-Train and Fatbone deliver some seriously tight lyrics that flow like the Nile. The sound of Essential Mental Nutrients is like ear candy from start to finish -- sweet to the ear.

Refreshingly flavourful melodies and rhythms intertwining soul, funk, and hip hop just make you want to hear more, not to mention the skilled mixing of drums, keyboards, trumpets and others.

Check out "Sol's Favrit Beat," "Automatic Transmission," and "Seams of Green Seeming" to get a true feeling of the Deviantz' style. These tracks are real sweet and further exemplify the talent of this group. Excerpts taken from T.V. and movies intro each song and enhance the originality of this album.

Now, it doesn't take much to figure out what essential nutrients are; whether or not you can use those, the album still sounds phat! Perhaps those nutrients can only magnify your listening pleasure while checking out this album.

Artist Contact Info: Sugar Shack Productions, #82, 2182 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V6K 2N4 CANADA

First published in Drop-D Magazine on July 25, 1996

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