CD Cover Sugar Crash

Review by Daniel Ewacha

38-second excerpt from "The Animal" (various formats)

Grunge, dead?! Flimshaw! (In the words of Montgomery Burns.) Just listen to Sugar Crash's Fly CD and relive the glory days when grunge was grunge and Pearl Jam was Pearl Jam. There's nothing new here, folks, just four guys doing what thousands of other garage bands around the world are doing, only better. God curse the day Eddie Vedder became depressed!

Anyway, for 38 minutes and 45 seconds, the members of Sugar Crash revive that period of music which catered to those searching for their niche, only to find it occupied by the likes of Kurt Cobain and others too mad and distraught at the world, but happy enough to take your money. And there is enough here to make me think these guys could be pretty cool, live.

So if you really want to keep the "grunge spark" ignited, then buy this CD. If not, I hear Michael Bolton is coming out with an album full of disco covers.

Besides, in a business where bands name themselves the stupidest things possible, Sugar Crash at least have a cool name.

Artist Contact Info: 9137 Shaughnessy St., Vancouver, B.C., V6P 6R9 CANADA

First published in Drop-D Magazine on July 25, 1996

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