One Chord to Another

CD Cover Sloan

Review by Nolan Webb

excerpt from "autobiography" (318 Kb .au file)

The third album from Halifax's favourite sons leaves me asking, "What happened?" One Chord to Another is quite a departure from their previous albums, which featured perfect pop (Twice Removed) and fuzz guitar (Smeared). There's no problem with a band changing directions: often it's beneficial. But this change has been for the worse. This album plays like a cheap version of a 60's Beatles rip-off. I swear I thought someone had slipped St. Pepper's... into my stereo. It's all been done before, and it's a shame, because Sloan have always been heralded by fans for their originality. The [ed. hopefully] tongue-in-cheek liner notes, which boast of the band's originality and reputation for maximum entertainment, leave me wondering if this album isn't a joke upon the music industry. Perhaps it is a challenge from the now Geffen-free band to see just how far they can stretch their popularity?

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 2, 1996

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