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Review by Rodney Gitzel

44-second excerpt from "Valerie & Kim" (various formats)

I admit, I've been procrastinating. (Who, me?) I've been meaning to review this CD for a couple months now. But maybe it's a good thing I haven't, yet.

You see, had I done so, I would have gone on about Terry Miles and her Liz Phair-ish voice. Which is fine, except that I just recently found out that Terry is a guy. Whoa! So what was once a somewhat odd voice for a female has become a rather odd voice for a male.

Whatever. The CD is still really cool. Its best quality is its simplicity and utter lack of pretension. The band's got a jangly slightly edgy guitar pop sound that fits the common lyrics perfectly. "Common" lyrics? Well, the songs are about friends' sisters' obsessions with Jesus and Jimi Hendrix, and have choruses like, "Valerie and Kim are sleeping/Slowly wake them up." Simple, everyday stuff. It's a nice change.

But this Terry he/she thing still has me a little confused. My fave line from the disc, "Feeling sad about the way that I hit your boyfriend/But that's OK, I know him pretty well," was a lot cooler when he was a she. Sigh... oh well...

Artist Contact Info: P.O. Box 93559, Nelson Park, Vancouver, B.C., V6E 4L7

First published in Drop-D Magazine on August 30, 1996

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