CD Cover Epsilon Knot
Turtle Records

Review by Kevin Templeton

40-second excerpt from "Yours Truly" (various formats)

Hot on the heels of other notable Turtle releases comes this not-so-hot disc from locals Epsilon Knot. It's been a couple weeks since I received this CD for review, and I'm still trying to get a feel for these songs. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps feel is the missing ingredient in Epsilon Knot's attack, despite the band's attempts at diversity throughout. Edna see the five-piece dabble with pseudo-rap chanting (making even DDT sound heartfelt) and metalize numerous grunge riffs. Nothing too deep, here. Stylistically, they aren't far off from, say, Noise Therapy's output, only without the "in-your-face" element.

Granted, this kind of music goes over much better in a live setting, but I highly doubt that I'd blast this CD at a house party. "Why" and "Yours Truly" stuck out the most, while "My Blue Brain" and the pathetic "Bank Slut" (scrap it, guys) were the lowlights. The rest of the disc trods along like average metal/rock with little originality or vigour, and the songs' endings seem somewhat abrupt, as well. Sorry guys, knot my thing.

Artist Contact Info: Turtle Records, #280, 2088 No. 5 Road, Richmond, B.C., V6X 2T1

First published in Drop-D Magazine on September 6, 1996

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