Bored Generation CD-ROM

CD Cover Various Artists
Epitaph Records/nu millenia inc.

Review by Paul Watkin

37-second excerpt from "Bad Habit" (various formats)

Bored Generation is a CD-ROM for the board generation: skaters, snowboarders and surfers will rejoice in the cool graphics, music, video and information. Dude!

After loading it into your computer (don't worry, instructions are included), you find yourself in an apartment. Or, a disaster area, if you will, complete with a torn up couch, beer bottles everywhere, an empty pizza box, a skateboard, band posters, a guitar -- and a bra strewn across the couch (unfortunately the only thing that didn't remind me of my old place). You get the picture, a disaster area, but a cool disaster area. So you take your little icon and move it around and when it morphs into the Epitaph logo, you know you can click and explore. And, Don Pardo, tell them what they can explore.

First of all, you can check out some wicked music by Pennywise, the Beastie Boys, NOFX, the Offspring, Primus, Helmet and five other cool bands. You can also play these tunes in your normal CD player, too. If you can tear yourself away from the audio you could check out some cool videos of surfers, snowboarders and skaters doin' their thing. And, hey, there is some footage from the Plaza of Nations right here in Vancouver! Who needs hockey? Canada skates hard, man!!!

What else. Oh ya, Are you tired of having no place to skate without the cops hasslin' you? The CD-ROM has drafted a letter to your favourite Congressman (or M.P. for all us Canucks) asking for such spaces. All you have to do is print it out, sign it and mail it off, or let it be a guideline for your own letter. Cool, and on the theme of a cause, check out the information on Board Aid. Do it. You can find some information on some cool mags such as Warp and others, and also a list of cool web-sites that you can print out and do some surfin' of a different nature.

There is more to Bored Generation than cool audio and video: there's a pertinent gluttony of information. Utilize it.

I like this CD-ROM. Cool tunes, useful information, profiles of cool boarders of all types. Wait, don't load it yet, I forgot to tell you... don't click on the pizza box or on the fridge... no, don't... Aaaagh!

First published in Drop-D Magazine on September 19, 1996

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