If the Music is Loud Enough...

CD Cover d.b.s.
Nefer Records

Review by Paul Watkin

41-second excerpt from "Friend" (320 Kb .au file)

Final exams are done, the essays are written and, as high school quickly becomes a memory for the members of North Van's d.b.s., they have released this, their second CD. The new record is loud, punk tuneage that carries a "be yourself and don't get caught up in mainstream societal crap" attitude. And, if the music is loud enough?

Then you will hear hints of the pop-punk infectious guitar work of Strung Out and the in-your-face rawness of AFI. Combining those influences, d.b.s. has come up with an album filled with rapid fire punk songs that invoke an energy, unleashing the rebel within.

While singer Jesse Gander scratches and hollers out lyrics about a wide variety of subjects ranging from the nonsense that is high school physical education to homophobia, there is a tight band always up front, cranking out a barrage of punk chords with unrelenting vigour.

What makes this album stand out for me, though, is the small things that break up the monotony of those constant punk chords. Throwing in a tribute to kilt-toting pubcrawlers, a pseudo-funky mocking of Isaac Hayes and some creative guitar work on "Survive," d.b.s. gives us a good disc that carries the tough punk ethic while not forgetting the exuberance and the playfulness of their youth.

The music is NEVER loud enough!

Artist Contact Info: 1027 Davie St., Suite 600, Vancouver, B.C., V6E 4L2

First published in Drop-D Magazine on October 24, 1996

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