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Vol. 1 No. 28
October 24, 1996

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Who (Still) Wants to Know??
Quadrophenia brought to life in the Garage.
Live Review: The Who, GM Place, October 17, 1996

The Donut and Falafel Tour
"We were never down and out, we always had a place to sleep."
Interview: the Emptys

You Just Don't Argue with Joe Mantegna
Dinosaur monolithic rock music!
Live Review: The Melvins, The Town Pump, October 9, 1996

His Only Constant is Change
Well, that and a lack of a social life.
Interview: David Gedge of the Wedding Present

Don't Put Your Finger in Your Nose
A few gems emerge from badly-executed video shoot extravaganza.
Live Review: du Maurier Concert Stage, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, October 10, 1996

Fly, Bastard, Fly
Vancouver's largest band? With six guitars, you would surely hope so.
Interview: Michaels Rohaly and Kerley of Superconductor

East Coast Pop Bands All the Rage
Long-time Haligonians bring newcomers with them to Vancouver.
Live Review: Sloan / The Inbreds, The Rage, October 11, 1996

CD Reviews

Cirkus Mind
Sneäkpeek EP

If the Music is Loud Enough...

Johnny Ferreira and the Swing Machine
Crazy 'Bout a Saxophone

Wyckham Porteous
Looking for Ground