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Vol. 1 No. 31
November 15, 1996

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Jeepers! Less than six weeks to Christmas!







A Feast Fit for a Queen!
Sorry, I just have to say it: Yum!
Live Review: Girl Feast Benefit Festival, Columbia Hotel Pub, November 7-9, 1996

Brits Come Bearing Gifts
Namely an amazing performance and a great replacement opening band.
Live Review: Wedding Present / Daytona, The Town Pump, November 7, 1996

Welcome, Dahlings!
A visit to a loungey world both cool and poseur-free.
Live Review: The Blue Lizard Cocktail Club, Waldorf Hotel, October 19, 1996

Happy Birthday, CBC!
A questionable choice of bands, but otherwise a great party.
Live Review: RealTime Bash with Doughboys & Super Friendz, PNE Garden Ampitheatre, November 2, 1996

Two for Three
Two for three. Three for five. Numbers numbers schnumbers!!!
Live Review: 1000 Mona Lisas / Smoother / Mollys Reach, Club Paradise, October 19, 1996

CD Reviews

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Rude Like Me

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Pigment Vehicle
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