Rude Like Me

CD Cover Hissy Fit
Indie Cassette

Review by Darren Kerr

44-second excerpt from "S.H.E." (343 Kb .au file)

Gisele Grignet is a very angry woman. Perhaps she's pissed off because the photograph of her on the tape cover just doesn't do her justice. Seriously, though, she's mad at guys who have crossed her, at a society that labels her and at apathetic whiners who disgust her. In "Human Waste" she speaks of the human race and "the things we take for granted." In "S.H.E.", Grignet takes aim at self-righteous women who downgrade her for her clothing and attitude.

Live, Hissy Fit possess a primitive power which stems from Grignet's raw vocal delivery, reminiscent of early Mudwimmin, and I'm happy to report she sounds just as much Mark Arm as she does Kathleen Hanna. Drummer Scott Wong and bassist Rich Colwell (ex Wretched Ethyl drummer) provide a solid rhythm anchor for Grignet's and Terry Armstrong's (also ex of W.E.) straight-ahead, no frills punk 'n roll guitars.

Rude Like Me is hard-driving sneering punk rock which shows promise. Though the songs start to sound similar, I'm sure that once this band becomes more comfortable with each others' writing styles, they will find their own identity -- and a choice position in Vancouver's music scene.

Artist Contact Info: P.O. Box 3507, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6B 3Y4

First published in Drop-D Magazine on November 15, 1996

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