Truck Songs (Volumes 1 & 2)

CD Cover Various Independent Canadian Artists

Review by Paul Watkin

44-second excerpt from People from Earth's "Kamikaze Babies" (various formats)

Truck Songs is a compilation of 30 Canadian bands and artists singing about the highway and the trucks and the people that drive them. At first glance, you probably will only recognize a couple of artists on this CD -- the Rheostatics, perhaps, or Adam West? Upon a closer look, you'll recognize some additional names, but you probably still won't have heard their music before. This means that Truck Songs is chock full of Canadian artists that you'll never have heard of. That's the best reason to buy it: for the experience.

Bands are the perfect people to sing about the road, as they log inhuman hours driving across this continent in search of bars and clubs in which to flaunt their wares. Every artist on this compilation brings a unique story and characteristic to the disc. It's tough to pick them out one by one, as it all blends into 30 personal tales of the road, steeped in their respective roots; whether that be country, bluegrass, folk, jazz or ska, the artists all share a prominent emotional aspect to their songs.

So keep on truckin', because the longer the highway, the smaller the world, after all... and the more music you'll get a chance to experience.

Artist Contact Info: Dave's Records of Guelph, P.O. Box 24062 Bullfrog, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1E 6V9

First published in Drop-D Magazine on January 17, 1997

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