Lost Highway

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Review by Darren Kerr

Because of time constraints, cash flow problems and a cold that would kill most men, I am not able to tell you how well this music complements the onslaught of visceral images in David Lynch's latest film opus.

However, seeing that Trent Reznor and Angelo Badalamenti are key players on this CD, you immediately know what you're in for. From Reznor you get the machinery of resentment and dread in the form of Nine Inch Nails' "The Perfect Drug," along with several of his own noise fests. Badalamenti, the man who gave Twin Peaks much of it ominous feel, creates more snippets of the atmospherically strange for the dancing dwarf in all of us.

Elsewhere on this disc Barry Adamson's Mancini-noir offerings sound like cop show music from long before rap and quasi-funk fusion took over. Billy Corgan gets into the industrial thing on the Pumpkins cut "Eye," Marilyn Manson present the eerie, subtle "Apple of Sodom" for your disapproval and Lou Reed does a much better job on the old chestnut, "This Magic Moment," than I thought he could.

Add in the ve-ah-so-verry-German act Rammstein to the mix and you have a sonic collage that will fit very nicely beside your Natural Born Killers soundtrack.

First published in Drop-D Magazine on March 15, 1997

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