She Changed Her Name to Mashuma

CD Cover The Timber Kings
Incentive Records

Review by Darren Kerr

45-second excerpt from "Pop Punk Band in Spain" (351 Kb .au file)

"Holy Labatt's 50, Batman!! Is that a stubby bottle in the Timber Kings' photo?"

"Affirmative, Boy Wonder! It's a part of our heritage, like the Timber Kings themselves! Strong beer and the Forgotten Rebels! B.B. Gabor and Bingo the Birthday Clown-Son of Happy! And, of course, puking in ninth grade! ...Did I mention strong beer already?"

"Yes, Batman."

"Robin, the Timber Kings stand for all that and much more. If they can stay off the Elmer's glue, they will make wondrous music for our children and our children's children. Good honest funny rock and roll like 'Pop Punk Band in Spain,' or the title tune (which sounds like Itzhak Perlman on methedrine trying to wreck the bar mitzvah), or the surprisingly good vocal harmonies on 'Soundman.'"

"Batman, what's the quasi-folk song? The one with the guy who wants girls to get in his car?"

"'Get in My Car.' Yes, Robin, another fine Canadian song. But my personal favourite is the lumber jacket sing-a-long, 'You're So Fucked,' because it rocks and the Timber Kings speak the truth -- sorry to say, Boy Wonder, but lots of things really are fucked."

"And to think there are 18 songs on the album and no two sound alike. Are they gods in Victoria, Batman?"

"No, Robin. Just sarcastic, God-fearing Canadians naked in a manger."

Artist Contact Info: 2944 Carol Ann Place, Victoria, B.C., Canada, V9B 2G2, (250) 474-8948

First published in Drop-D Magazine on April 4, 1997

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